Born in the remote areas of Northern Canada, author Robin Murarka grew up immersed in books, and his passion for great stories has never faltered. He fuels this passion by creating diverse, uninhibited works, writing as a reader.

Within every story he creates, there encompasses a strong underlying literary quality, coating any genre, whether it be science, historical or horror, with a rich, raw humanity. This exposes itself in ways that intensify the reader experience, echoing a past and future that resonate long after the story is over. As a dedicated wordsmith, he meticulously tunes every work, ensuring the reader experience is as enriching as possible, allowing the story to unfold with ease.

You are encouraged to explore his works. ‘AKIN’, his powerful literary novel, is available for purchase via the shop. It is also available in selected libraries across Australia and will soon be available in other countries. ‘Rone Isa‘, his dystopian, science fiction novel that explores psychology, philosophy and a fresh look at AI and its observations on humanity, is also available via the shop.

If you are a fan of the familiar but unconventional, disturbingly true yet unexplored, you’re sure to enjoy Robin’s work.

Australia Reads Ambassador

Australia Reads is a national program for that includes prominent Australian authors and serves to help promote the benefits of reading to local communities. Robin was chosen as an Ambassador for the Perth and Western Australia regions.