A Conversation with the Future: The COVID Era

When dangerous persecution goes unnoticed
October 20, 2021/by Robin Murarka

House of Cards: The Political Necessity of Mandated Vaccines

An interesting thing to consider at this point in time is the…
September 22, 2021/by Robin Murarka

COVID: Censorship at a Frightening Pace

It is undeniable that the advent of this great plague that has…
August 16, 2021/by Robin Murarka

q: The Irony of Truth

"The irony of unpleasant truth ..."
July 27, 2021/by Robin Murarka

Gabriel Fernandez: A Social Failure

When people believe they are being empathetic when they suggest…
April 25, 2021/by Robin Murarka

Define Oneself

"Only those that revel in self-victimization ..."
September 13, 2020/by Robin Murarka


"The victim falsely believes they are powerless ..."
September 11, 2020/by Robin Murarka

Mother, is there a God?

"Child, what security you derive from God ..."
July 20, 2020/by Robin Murarka
Part III: Banek's Revival - Short Story by Robin Murarka

Part III: Banek’s Revival

This short story is now available on Amazon.
July 13, 2020/by Robin Murarka

Socialism vs Capitalism

Who will take care of those in need within a capitalist society? Is big government the answer?
April 9, 2020/by Robin Murarka

q: Common Atrocity

"Nearly all that condemn the atrocities of past ..."
February 18, 2020/by Robin Murarka

q: Insanity & Enlightenment

"The only difference between insanity and enlightenment ..."
January 1, 2020/by Robin Murarka

Abstract Solutions

"That which solves a problem is not necessarily ..."
September 13, 2019/by Robin Murarka

q: Those Shiny Things

"Women pursue commitment as men pursue sex ..."
August 8, 2019/by Robin Murarka
Part II: Four Fingers - Story by Robin Murarka

Part II: Four Fingers

This short story is now available on Amazon.
June 12, 2019/by Robin Murarka