Centuries - Short Story by Robin Murarka


“And all at once, He was seen walking the streets, and all would notice Him. A poor stranger approached Him for the look in His eyes drew him in, and he questioned: ‘Who are you?’ And He looked at the stranger and answered: ‘I am Awake.’

He proceeded on, and it seemed to passers by that this holy man from the forests had a glow about Him. The older residents were mesmerized by Him but children ran around Him, laughing and playing. And although the older people were unable to look at His eyes, the children stared at Him through and through.

He walked towards the palace of the land. The guards parted ways for Him, for they felt secure in their positions letting this harmless man pass. Convinced, by the look in his eyes, that there was nothing to protect from Him.

He approached the King of the land, ignoring courtesans and politicians, breaking the ancient laws, and stood in front of the King. He leaned down and whispered something into the Royal’s ear.

Convinced of what He spoke, the King descended into a deep trance, emerging years later from the forests of Old. When an old, poor man approached him, he simply said: ‘I am Awake’, and approached the palace.”



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