The Tragedy of Clementine Lee - Short Film by Robin Murarka

The Tragedy of Clementine Lee (film)

“The Tragedy of Clementine Lee” is an intense, short film created by Robin Murarka starring Jennifer Hawke.

It has an accompanying short story that can be read both before or after watching the film. If you are a fan of subtle, emotive film and would rather experience the raw nature of it without other influence, it is recommended you watch the film first. Otherwise, read the short story here.

Total run-time is approximately 11 minutes and it is not recommended you interrupt the viewing, nor watch it in windowed mode. Please ensure you can hear it well as it is as much a visual as it is an aural experience – use headphones if necessary. Also be aware this was shot prior to the dramatic influx of high-resolution cameras and is a self-funded film. Despite these limitations, it conveys its purpose well.

The soundtrack to the film can be listened to and purchased here. Please enjoy.


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